WELCOME. This simple page is not meant to show off our technical expertise, the sites we've built can do that. This page is just a place where you, our potential clients, can learn about us and see our portfolio of web sites.

Our Newest Web Site Projects
Last Updated: January 07, 2015
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We offer:
  • Custom Web Design
  • Service and maintenance of your web site
  • Web hosting
  • Online sales and fulfillment
  • Custom programming and Database-driven websites
  • iPhone applications
  • Consulting on search engine optimization and advertising.

Our most ambitious project, and the one we're proudest of is the Hudson Valley Music web site. This is a community site, devoted to the talented amateur and professional musicians and music-related services in our own backyard - the Hudson Valley region of NY state. This site has everything for the music-loving public in the Hudson Valley. We have been building this site as a personal hobby since 1997, and we continue to improve the site with features of use to musicians and the general public. It's a completely database-driven site, programmed in PHP and MySQL, where users submit and manage their own listings.

About Us
Tunedin Web Design are a pair of Steve's who have a combined 60 years of professional programming experience with a large multi-national company. We've been building web sites since 1997. We design web sites because we enjoy working with people and helping them understand technology, and a little extra money never hurts. We know that the complex and wonderful world of the internet can be confusing and overwhelming at times, and our job is to simplify it and present it to you so that you can understand.

You can pay huge sums of money for complex electronic business web sites, but most small businesses don't need that. They want a simple, effective, good-looking site that accomplishes a specific purpose. We'll work with you to understand that purpose and produce a site that meets your needs, for a very fair price. So what do we charge?... well, each web site is different, but to give you an idea of of how much a site from us may cost, you can use this link to read a page on our HVmusic site that lists the fee we charge for our basic musician's web sites. Please contact us for an in-depth custom appraisal of your web site project.

On-Line Sales and Fullfillment
We offer secure Credit Card processing so that customers can buy your CDs, books, and other products on-line. We will build an ordering page that meshes seamlessly with your web site. We offer an excellent fulfillment service that can turnaround orders within 24 hours, and pays attention to customer satisfaction. Or you have the option of shipping the products yourself. Our web-based ordering system makes it easy for you to track your sales. Click here to read more about our services and see prices.

Setup your Blog
Seems like everyone wants a blog these days, and there are plenty of bloging tools out there. Which one is right for you? How to customize it to have the look and function that you want? We've setup many blogs for our clients, using several of the leading blog tools, so we are experienced enough to answer these questions and setup a blog for you that will work and look great.

Custom Programming and Database-Driven Websites
Being professional programmers by trade we are well-versed and experienced in writing programs for the internet. We are fluent in Perl, PHP, MySQL and javascript. Many of our sites feature automated calendars, guestbooks, blogs, polls, job listings, and database-driven programs of our own design. We can reduce your maintenance costs by creating programs that allow you to update portions of your web site yourself.

Almost anything can be done with a little programming, so if there is some feature you've always wanted to have in your web site, but didn't know how to do it, just ask us. Most likely it can be done, and for less money that you would expect.

Unique Design and Excellent Service
Your site will not come out of any cookie-cutter design. We treat your site as an individual project, different from all our other sites, that we'll custom-design to fit you and the message you want to convey. We'll meet with you to discuss your needs and brainstorm with you what you want your web site to accomplish. Then we'll give you a price, and stick to it as we work with you to design a site you'll be delighted with. You'll find our prices a pleasant surprise, just talk to our clients!

We invite you to check out the sites we have built and talk to our clients, who are our best advertising. All the web sites we've built include a "contact" page to allow you to contact our clients. Please don't hesitate to email them to ask about our services, and how they are treated.

I like what I've seen so far... Now what?
Please contact us so that we can discuss your web design project. All consultations are free, and we don't charge you a penny until your site is complete to your satisfaction. We hope to hear from you.