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5 Ways to Make Your House Less Dusty

When it comes to ensuring a house is safe for human occupation, no one should take any chances. Minimising dust levels within homes is critical to ensuring indoor air quality is good, which in turn, results in healthier families. Secondary benefits of cleaner indoor air may include less maintenance of HVAC systems. AC filters, for example, will need to be replaced less frequently and other AC parts such as fins and coils will require cleaning after longer intervals.

If you are struggling to keep dust levels in your house down, the following tips can come in handy:  

  1. Avoid upholstered furniture: Furniture made with upholstery fabrics easily trap dust and provide the perfect environment for dust-loving creatures like dust mites to live in. The presence of these creatures in your furniture can make life difficult in your home, especially for asthmatic patients and others with dust allergies. Avoid upholstery dust by opting for furniture that is easier to wipe down. Leather, wood or vinyl would be a much better choice of construction material for your furniture.
  2. Consider installing ventilated roof windows: Many people rely on windows for fresh air and natural lighting. If keeping your windows open means inviting a lot of dust into your home, then you should find an alternative source of fresh air. For example, you can install roof windows that have ventilation flaps, so you can get fresh air even when your regular windows are closed.
  3. Pass on the fabric curtains and heavy drapes: Just like upholstered furniture, fabric curtains and heavy drapery also easily accumulate dust. Replacing them with roll-down shades or shutters is a great way to minimise the amount of dust that builds up in your home.
  4. Shake off the dust outside: It is not a good idea to dust off the dirt on your interior furnishings from inside your house. Instead, carry your area rugs, mats, pillows and cushions outside and beat out the dust with gentle but rapid strokes. You'll not be able to rid of all of the dust but you'll effectively reduce the amount of dust trapped in your furnishings. 
  5. Vacuum regularly: This simple everyday practice that most people take for granted will effectively reduce the amount of dust in your living space. Be sure to use a vacuum cleaner that suits your living space. If your house is quite cramped, consider vacuuming with a backup vacuum cleaner, as it is easy to lift around even in small rooms and tight areas.

Though it is practically impossible to have a completely dust-free home, you can significantly reduce dust levels by following the above-provided tips. You should also get in touch with an air quality service